OnGoing Project

Implementation strategy and activities
Proposed activities will be geared to build consensus and organize toward reform. Under component 1 (objective 1), WJCC will promote the establishment of strategic partnerships to advocacy and to facilitate the implementation and enforcement of laws and reforms. WJCC will develop strategic partnership with Satkhira DLAC and its panel lawyers through consultation, meeting and campaign. WJCC will support District Legal Aid Committee to organize and activate the UZLAC and UPLAC through meeting and follow-up WJCC will also established peer networks and facilitate exchanges of best practices and lessons learned for continuous learning. Strategic partnerships will be built with GOB institutions to advocate for change effectively and build institutional commitment for reform. Strategic partnerships between institutions and private actors, including CSOs will be enhanced.
Under component 3 (objective 2 & 3), WJCC will also facilitate linkages with youth and student of local level school, college and universities. WJCC will organize awareness campaign to sensitize the grassroots male-female on legal rights, legal aid services using local level popular events like Debate with video shows, Public hearing, Message dissemination through Web-portal and miking along with publication of communication materials that will be exhibited at market place and prominent sites. The project will aware the mass people on government legal aid services through observation of National Legal Aid Day on 28th April at Upazila and district level. Legal literacy campaigns will be community-based and focus on issues of relevance to the community, e.g., labor rights, disability rights, land issues, fraudulent employment practices, illegal migration, trafficking, child marriage. Awareness campaigns will include issue-based sensitization sessions focused on topics including labor rights, gender-based violence, counter trafficking and CVE. WJCC will review the materials developed under past USAID’s JFA Program.

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