At Last United Efforts Win !

At Last United Efforts Win !

It is 2008..Tala: Moyna a 14 years old girl, daughter of Anowara begum and Liakot ali a day laborer, lives in a village Balia under kheshra union Satkhira. Liakot Ali has two wives .He lives in a separate house with his second wife. Mayna’s mother along with Moyna lives from hand to mouth working as a house mate in neighboring house side by side she works in the field .While she was in class vii Moyna received a proposal for marriage with Rokon Gaji aged 19 .He is a day labourer and lives in a village called Shalika Guchhagram under same union and district .Munsur gazi ,the father of Rokon, has another daughter . He owns 40 decimal of khas land allotted by the govt.and works as a day lobourer. At the consent of both the families Mayna and Rokon Gaji are now in marriage bondage with each other .They had been in a peaceful conjugal life for two years. Then Rokon Gaji starts torturing Moyna both physically and mentally .He also tells Mayna to bring TK 50000 for him from her mother Anowara Begum. Her mother could not pay the amount as dowry .Mayna, after being beaten black and blue was sent back to her mother. Mayna’s mother became very anxious about the happiness of her daughter .She somehow managed the said amount of TK50000 .She has to borrow the money from different sources .Mayna returned to her in law’s house and gave the money off to her husband .Mayna started her conjugal life happily for one and half years .Mayna has given birth to two children one of two and half years of age and the other of one and a half. The elder one is a son. Then Rokon keeps on torture, Mayna physically and demanded money once again. Mayna refused to ask her mother for money as her mother is not in a position to afford it as a result Mayna has to undergo severe physical torture by her husband. She discuss the matter with majid Gaji, Shamsher Gaji and master Hafiju Rahaman, all members of the elite committee of WOMEN JOB CREATION CENTRE. Moyna and her mother highly solicited their cooptation and they decided to take up the matter to the UP Chairman Md. Liakat Ali.

On 13.10.11 Md.Rokon gazi was summoned to Gram Adalot ( village court) of khesra union parishad.The case wasfiled in Gram Adalot and the case entry no- kha/ 18/11 , In course of hearing UP chairman ,members and all the present members of the committee tried to convince Md.Rokon Gaji, his father Munsur Gaji and all other members of his family through motivation and pressure so that they understand their guilt and do not ask for dowry again .They instructed and warned him either to put an end to all types of tortures on Mayna or face the punishment as per law. Side by side In the process of argument they always tried to arouse the good self in them-Rokon and his family. Finally Rokon, his father and his family members understood the gravity of the situation and legal consequence of torture on wife for extraction of dowry, a great social crime in the eye of law. At last the good sense prevailed on them and they promised and gave a written undertaking in front of the jury board that he will never commit such crime in future. Now they are leading a peaceful conjugal life forgetful of what happened in the past.


United efforts of the local govt. and community people constitutes a great save guard against gender violence at family and community level.

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