Core Values of WJCC

Much has been achieved since 1990, but gender equality remains an unfinished agenda. WJCC is striving forward to remind the people of Bangladesh that they cannot wait another century to fully tap into the enormous resource of women. In all its work it aims to achieve real visible progress on gender equality and to galvanize partners in support of this goal.

We have identified five core values at the centre of WJCC’s work. These are the fundamental principles of our commitment to each other and to the poor.
We value people and we are commited to women commuinity.
We give priority to people before money, structure and systems.

We are committed to our developmental partners
We work with donor Partnership that transcends legal, structural and cultural boundaries.

We are committed to the poor
We Alleviate poor suffering and we try our best to promote the transformation of their condition of life.

We are stewards
We are faithful to the purpose for which resources are given and manage them in a manner that brings maximum benefit to the poor.

We are responsive
We are responsive to life-threatening emergencies where our involvement is needed and appropriate.

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