History of WJCC

While on a trip to Bangladesh in 1989, a young dedicated Japanese social worker, Ms. Midori, met Ms. Ashrafun nahar (Asha), a female social worker in Satkhira. She arranged for her to talk to some Women and children’s there. On the last day of her visit, Ms. Midori suggested Ms. Asha about the whole situation where women were facing tremendous dependence pressure from husband, father and even the society and were not at all independent to be called a bread earner for the family, and on the other hand Men living there enjoy there liberty to remarry and to forget about the previous wife and to care about the new bride, and if the women try to raise their voice for alimony or her rights she was scolded, beaten and thrown out of her family. This entire situation in Satkhira gave motive to form the only women based organization in Tala, Satkhira.

Ms. Midori wanted to help these precious souls, so she gave Ms Asha all the support to form the organization. Ms Asha started this organization with a motive to give the women the independence to work, and to be the bread winner for the family, by this way women will become independent and will live out of pressure from father, husband or other relative and even the society will honor them.

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